Bubly Drops Review

If you’ve fallen in love with flavored Soda Water like I have, you might be intrigued by Bubly Drops. Bubly Drops Since starting my health journey, I quit coca cola! *starts dreaming of bubbly, refreshing, goodness* As someone who doesn’t drink any coffee, this is a major milestone for me! I am always searching forContinue reading “Bubly Drops Review”


We’ve heard this so many times… DRINK MORE WATER!!!! One thing I have heard repeatedly in the Noom facebook group, is that you need to drink more water. We all know that water is good for us, but why is it so important when it comes to weightloss? Here’s the thing, I’m not a trainedContinue reading “DRINK MORE WATER”


During the pandemic I decided I wanted to support more local businesses. While researching small LA based brands, I decided to start looking into more small, black owned businesses. That’s when I stumbled upon Zoezi Sport When it comes to activewear I tend to lean towards a more muted color palette, probably from years ofContinue reading “ZOEZI SPORT”

My Noom Journey, Why I Joined Noom

My Noom Journey! Confidence is something I have never really lacked. I’m a Leo through and through, I thrive off attention! I am a big believer that health isn’t a number on a scale. All bodies are different, and that’s what makes us unique and beautiful. In 2019 I started on my own health journey.Continue reading “My Noom Journey, Why I Joined Noom”

Cherry Ripe Slice

CHERRY RIPE SLICE On the nights when my sweet tooth has overtaken all logic… Searching the refrigerator for a delicious treat… I turn to one of my favorite App’s, KEEP IT CLEANER. If you’ve been following my health journey for a while, you will know how much I love KIC for their fun and easyContinue reading “Cherry Ripe Slice”

Poached Eggs With Brown Rice

My absolute go-to, fill you up breakfast is Poached Eggs With Brown Rice! This is so delicious, yet so simple! Trust Me! First things first, if you don’t already own a Rice Cooker, purchase one immediately. My Rice Cooker rarely makes it’s way back into the cupboard. Did you know you can also use aContinue reading “Poached Eggs With Brown Rice”