Welcome To Blondiewood!

Hi there! My name’s Blondie and welcome to Blondiewood…

If you’ve found yourself in the heart of Blondiewood, chances are you also share a love for all things Vintage Fashion, Beauty, Horror Movies, Halloween Haunts, Themed Environments, or perhaps you’ve been following me on my Health Journey. 

This little blonde Australian first arrived in Hollywood, CA in 2015, with a big dream and a suitcase full of makeup. Since then, I’ve been doing professional hair and makeup for Red Carpet Events, Film Festivals, Music Videos, Press Tours, and more.

So, if you enjoy a stop off at a quirky roadside attraction, a Home Goods shopping haul, Hair And Makeup tips and tricks or a deep dive into a local antique mall, I invite you to tour the fabulous sights of “Blondiewood”!

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