Bubly Drops Review

Bubly Drops

If you’ve fallen in love with flavored Soda Water like I have, you might be intrigued by Bubly Drops.

Bubly Drops

Bubly Drops

Since starting my health journey, I quit coca cola!

*starts dreaming of bubbly, refreshing, goodness*

As someone who doesn’t drink any coffee, this is a major milestone for me!

I am always searching for healthier alternatives to my favorite things, so I was super excited to see that Soda Stream has teamed up with Bubly!

While on one of my many Target shopping sprees, you know, the ones where you just pop out to pick up one thing…

I stumbled upon Bubly Drops, naturally as an already avid Soda Stream fan, I had to try them!

I have tried different Soda Stream flavors in the past, and I have always found them to be a little on the sweet side.

Bubly Drops give just the perfect hint of flavor to your Soda Water. Imagine having Soda Water with a slice of lime, but without the fruit.

The best part, you can alter how much you use, to your desired flavor. Bubly Drops have no added sweeteners, and no calories!

Hello Noom friendly!!!

I have yet to try the mango, but I am loving the grapefruit so far!

If you don’t already have a Soda Stream, I highly recommend purchasing one. I love that Soda Stream offers a more sustainable alternative to canned beverages.

I pick up my Soda Stream refill’s at Target and each cylinder makes 60 Liters of Soda Water, I believe you can also refill them at Best Buy.

Once you make a fresh bottle of Soda Water, using a measuring spoon, measure out the desired amount of Bubly Drops, and add them to your water.

As we head into spring here in LA, I now have the prefect thirst quenching beverage, So Refreshing!!!

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