We’ve heard this so many times…


One thing I have heard repeatedly in the Noom facebook group, is that you need to drink more water. We all know that water is good for us, but why is it so important when it comes to weightloss?

Here’s the thing, I’m not a trained nutritionist…

But I do know that I definitely feel the difference, now that I’m keeping track of my water intake.

While I don’t plan on giving you any random “facts” that I found during a deep dive on google search, I will tell you what has helped me on my own journey.

In the hopes of being a little more sustainable, while getting in my water goal, I came across the BRITA stainless steel re-usable water bottle that also has a changeable filter.

I ordered the 32oz, and I refill it a few times a day. I really helps remind me to drink more water.

You can pick one up here…


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