Weight Loss Before And After

So you’ve heard me say that my health journey isn’t about the number on the scale, or a certain stereotype of what a body should look like. Confused? Here’s why I am weighing myself…

All bodies are made to be different. We come from different genetics, cultures, and different ages.

One of the things I love most about body positivity is that everyone is celebrated for what makes them uniquely beautiful.

So how can I be body positive and still feel the need to make lifestyle changes?

Sharing my health journey is something that is important to me.

I have discovered along my journey, that I not only inspire some of my friends, but I also inspire myself.

Through tracking my journey I can see how I grow stronger, in my mental state, and my body, I have more energy, and I even sleep better.

Weight Loss Before And After

This journey for me isn’t about numbers, it’s about fueling my body with things that will help it to function in the best way possible.

Some days I eat mostly meat free, nutrient dense foods, others I eat a burger from In & Out. It’s about finding a healthy balance, that feels right for you.

When I joined Noom the program suggested I start weighing myself every day…


This goes against everything I have ever thought was a healthy way to track progress.

For years I have been told that scales are bad! And for some people they are!

If you have an unhealthy relationship with the scale, it can be a dangerous tool.

Since seeing so many Noom success stories, I figured it was worth a try.

I started weighing myself daily using the Renpho Scale, and here’s what I’ve learned…

Progress is like a downward rollercoaster. One day you are up 5 pounds, the next you are down 3, the next you are up 1 and so on…

Progress isn’t a straight line, some days it’s up, because I’ve had a sodium rich meal, or maybe I didn’t drink enough water, or perhaps I have my period.

Jumping on the scales every morning has taught me not to give fuel to the numbers.

I didn’t gain 5 pounds over night because I ate a cheeseburger, it’s just not physically possible.

While this journey for me isn’t about the numbers, it’s definitely taught me to look at the scale and my progress in a different way.

This may not be the journey for you, the best you can do is listen to our body and do what feels right for you.

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