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While the hand sanitizer drought seems to be coming to an end, the need to use it hasn’t.

Work is slowly starting to come back , and while as a makeup artist Hygiene has always been a top priority, since the pandemic, the need to be extra diligent is growing stronger.

I was recently on set where the client had booked a team of hygiene and safety experts to keep things running smoothly. This meant that every few minutes they would come around with a GIGANTIC bottle of sanitizer and spray our hands.

While I appreciated the extra care to keep us all safe, my poor burning hands did not.

Thankfully not all hygiene products have to come with a sting…

You can pick up EO Essential Oils Hand Sanitizer here https://www.eoproducts.com/collections/hand-sanitizer

The wipes are perfect to throw in your pocket for when you are in a pinch!

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