King Crab Legs

Treating yourself doesn’t have to be bad for you!

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been doing The Noom Program. Noom breaks up foods into different groups…

Red: The foods you should limit to smaller amounts

Yellow: The foods you can eat in moderate portions


Green: The foods you can enjoy!

To my pleasant surprise when I looked up King Crab in the Noom data base, it came up Green!!! I thought, how can something so delicious, be so good!

So naturally while getting in my step goal for the day, I ventured down to my local Seafood merchant.

The best part of living so close to West Hollywood is that The Grove Farmer’s Market is right at my doorstep. Not only is the Farmer’s market a great place to grab food to go, but they also house some of my favorite food vendors.

If you’re craving a guilt free decadent meal, head down to Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Seafood Market.

You can also pick up some Crab Crackers here

Now the hardest part of course is not dowsing it in butter and oil, but the Seafood at Monsieur Marcel is so fresh and delicious, its great served chilled with just a little bit of lemon.

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