Cherry Ripe Slice


On the nights when my sweet tooth has overtaken all logic…

Searching the refrigerator for a delicious treat…

I turn to one of my favorite App’s, KEEP IT CLEANER. If you’ve been following my health journey for a while, you will know how much I love KIC for their fun and easy to follow workout videos.

One of the reasons KIC resonated with me is that they believe health and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Health shouldn’t be something that leaves us feeling guilty or deprived.

Along with Boxing, Yoga, HIIT and Strength training, you will find a bunch of yummy recipes to keep that naughty sweet tooth satiated.

My favorite KIC treat that I keep tucked away in the freezer is the Cherry Ripe. You can find the recipe here

So don’t feel guilty about popping that Cherry 😉

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